Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Not Just Another Worksheet

© Candybox Images | - Bored student girl sitting between stack books 

If our students are used to the same basic type of worksheet for review or assessment, chances are they might be getting bored. So, what are they really learning? Make the review or assessment of your lesson more effective by not giving just another worksheet. Here's a few strategies I use to mix things up a bit in our classroom.  

Cut and paste
One of my favorite alternatives to a traditional worksheet is a Cut and Paste worksheet.  Start out with your questions as you normally would. Next, make an answer bank. Finally, students cut out answers and paste them with the appropriate question. You can even differentiate and modify by adding more answer choices to challenge the students that need to be challenged.

Instead of a basic multiple choice worksheet, why not try creating a Maze for your students? Download and use this FREE Simple Maze Template for your worksheet.  Add questions or problems to the large squares and answers choices that guide them through the maze from start to finish.  I like to have my students color as they make their way through the maze (a bonus is that this makes it easy to grade). 

Color by number
Got a picture?  Turn it into a Color by Number worksheet.  Simply assign numbers to sections of the picture that need to be colored.  Have students answer a question and color the corresponding numbers based on the answer they choose. 

You can even turn your worksheets into a Puzzle.  Create an interactive puzzle by simply copying and pasting questions and answers into the FREE Triangle Puzzle Template.  Be sure to align questions with answers.  Next, copy, cut, laminate (recommended for durability), and place in a bag.

Card sort
Creating Card Sorts are simple.  Start out by creating a table of information.  Next, cut out the table and labels, laminate, place cards in a bag, and give to your students to sort.  

Domino activity
Use this FREE Domino Review Template to create Domino Activity that your students will love.  Add the word START (or something similar so your students know which tile starts the train).  Then, complete the set by adding question, answer, question, answer, and so forth.  Don't forget to add the word FINISH on your final tile.

These are just a few ideas. How do you mix up your traditional worksheets?