Saturday, September 17, 2016

First five for FRIDAY Weekly Linky Party

I'm super excited about my first five for FRIDAY linky party.  I'm a day late (maybe a dollar short).  But, I'm going to say "better late, than never."  

On Monday, we went over a worksheet that we gave our students the previous week for homework.  Boy were they bored!  I started thinking about ideas that we have used in the past to get more of our students engaged.  It was great to remind myself with this post of strategies that we could use in the future to engage our students when going over a worksheet.  Check it Out!

I used Glo Germ to teach and assess the students' understanding of the scientific method, experimental design, and identification of variables.  Glo Germ is a material, that comes in a gel, as well as a powder, that can be used to simulate the presence and spreading of germs.  You can place the material on your hands or on a surface and investigate!  My kiddos came up with some excellent scientific questions.  One of my personal favorites was a group that decided to test the effects of different make-up brush washing techniques and cleaners.  A big thanks to my friend The Trendy Science Teacher for sharing this idea!

We had fun celebrating a friend's 50th birthday!  On Monday we decorated her room and various parts of the school.  Since her birthday wasn't until Wednesday, she was so surprised.  She was greeted Tuesday morning with balloons, old pictures, caution signs, and a large group of friends and Wednesday morning with this and more...

I had a former student of mine make my day.  This student struggled (very much) when he was in school, but he never gave up.  He was a hard worker and it has paid off because he now works at the school.  Yesterday afternoon, he came in my room as I was finishing up with grading an Anatomy test.  He hugged my neck and told me I was a good teacher.  It was a great way to end a tough week.

I'm thankful for Doodle Bugs Teaching for the opportunity to participate in my first linky party.