Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pinning on Pinterest

I remember the day that a friend of mine told me about Pinterest. She pulled it up on my desktop as she got ready to go to her next class. It was the beginning of my planning so I welcomed the chance to sit down for moment. To me, it looked like a clutter of disorganized and random pictures. What am I ever going to do with this jumble of mess, I thought as I hurriedly closed the browser and began to grade a set of papers. Everything, I think now.

Pinterest has been a lifesaver. It has been an organizational tool. It has been an inspiration. It has been a resource for information. It has been a way to manage things in my life. Furthermore, it has been a way to make me a better person and a better teacher.

A few months later the Pinterest topic came up again, so I made a vow to myself to give it another try. After all, if this many people are on the Pinterest bandwagon, there must be something to it. That day, I discovered there was and I have been pinning ever since.

If you haven't started Pinterest, start pinning today.  It is worth it. And don't forget to follow my boards For the Classroom, for basic educational ideas, Amazing Anatomy and Physiology, for things I do in Anatomy, Best of Biology, for all things related to life science, and Crazy for Chemistry, for ideas to use in your Chemistry Class.

Happy reading and happy teaching!  ;)