Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to School #sweetlikeateacher

Friday, was that day for me.  That day that we, as teachers, have been spending our summer planning for and that day that parents have been waiting for.  It was that day that students dressed in their brand new clothes, tied on their feet their new shoes, and swung their new book bag over their shoulder while rushing out the door to catch the bus to head BACK TO SCHOOL.

Each year, as I head back to school, I always use this time to reflect on the previous year.  What didn't work?  What did?  What can I do to make it better?  Whether it be your first year, 13th year (like me), or your 30th year as a teacher, there is something that I have learned to move to the top of the to do list.

A teacher's to do list can become quite lengthy.  There are papers to grade, parents to call, lesson plans to type, paperwork to complete, copies to make, meetings to attend, papers to file, desks to clean, activities to set up, bulletin boards to decorate, professional development to attend, and so much more.  However, no matter how long the list gets, we should always strive to put our students' learning first.  If it comes down to planning an activity versus filing the paper, plan the activity.  Its the activity that will increase the students' likelihood of learning.  I periodically remind myself of this.  When the list gets too overwhelming to complete, always remember you are there for your students.  Sometimes the other, just has to wait.  And, it is ok to say "no."

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sailing Back to School

I hope you are relaxed, refreshed, rested, and tan because it's that time again!  You know what time I'm talking about!  The time to get back to inspiring young minds and the world's next generations.  It's Back to School time! And we want to help you Sail Back to School with some amazing science resources that get your students engaged, all while saving you some time.

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You could win...

$25 Build Your Own Bundle by Science From The South
Science Centers by Teaching is a Gift 
Human Body Systems Task Cards by Science in the City
Biomes of the World Task Cards by Cell-abrating Science
Newton's Laws of Motion Task Cards by The Trendy Science Teacher
Wild Kratts:  Aardvark Town Keystone Species Video Activity Guide by Make Them Think
Types of Energy:  Posters and Activity Puzzles by Fifth is My Jam
Metric Measurement Activities-Length, Time, Volume, Mass by SCIENCEcerely Me by Erin Hansen
Safety Equipment and Measurement Escape the Room by EzPz Science
Lab Equipment Task Cards by Science Island
Gummy Worm Observation by MSScience
Digestion and Nutrition Bundle by The Lab
Steps of the Scientific Method Activity with Selfie Scenarios by Elly Thorsen
Crash Course Astronomy #1-6 by IQ-Interactive Quizzes
Atomic Structure by Dr Jan's Math and Science Lab
Scientific Inquiry and Lab Safety Color by Number Activity by JFlowers
Cells Writing Prompts by Science Rocks
STEM Stations by The Teacher Besties
First 2 Escape Challenge:  A Periodic Table Review Game by Sparkling Science
Solar Eclipse 2017 Activities and Viewer by Sunshine State Science
Eclipse-Solar and Lunar-Complete 5E Lesson Bundle by Teach With Fergy
Experimental Design & Scientific Method Exploration Stations by The Biophile's Classroom
Circuits Interactive Notebook by Sophisticated Science
Environmental Science:  Biosphere Bundle by Gnature with Gnat

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