Saturday, September 24, 2016

five for FRIDAY Weekly Linky Party...Take Two

I'm excited about my 2nd five for FRIDAY weekly linky party with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  Thanks so much again for this opportunity.  It is a fun way to reflect on each week...and boy was it a busy week! 

We finished up the scientific method this week by solving Gnature with Gnat's Who Stole the Lighthouse Diamond Scientific Method Inquiry Lab activity.  The students, and myself, loved it!  It worked well as a summative performance task for my students to show me that they understood the appropriate manner of completing a scientific investigation.   

If you haven't already, check out the app Ibotta!  It's an app with rebates for groceries, beauty items, and more. I just started using it this week and I've already got $13.00 back from the purchases that I've made.  

In Chemistry, we spend a lot of time in class measuring.  After days of practice, I assess how well they can do it.  Stations are set up around the room with task for the students to perform.  Because it is an individual assessment, it takes a while for each student to complete all of the task.  In addition to the lab, they have a worksheet to complete.  But, some students still finish earlier than others.  I needed an early finishers assignment so I created this measurement puzzle to challenge them a little.  And it's a challenge!  Download it here for FREE

My student teacher taught her first lesson this week.  For someone who is very much a Type A personality, this was tough. It was hard to just let go and surrender the control of the class and the lesson.  When I saw mistakes as she designed the lesson, I found myself wanting to say "that's not going to work" or "try it this way".  But, I realized quickly that I had to step back and remind myself that the best way for many to learn is through experience.  There were mistakes made, but she did great!  Through her experience, she learned 1) that students can be competitive, 2) that you have to have something for the other students to do if only 2 people at a time participate in the game, 3) games can be tough to manage, 4) it's important to proofread, and...

5) sometimes things go wrong!  Can you believe that we had technical difficulties?  Bless her heart!  The powerpoint that she created for the game froze up.  We tried to fix it for a couple of minutes, but we were unsuccessful.  On a positive note, it was a wonderful learning experience.  It taught her that sometimes you must be quick on your feet and improvise...or always have a back-up plan!  

How do you plan for when things go wrong?